Please NOTE: The original developer of Axis Football has developed a new, modern and more entertaining 2016 version of Axis Football. It is available at Steam(Click To See) for only 19,99€. I tried it and it's worth the money. If you however, cannot afford it Axis Football League 2014 will stay free and available at this site forever!
You can also Play It On Android or Play it on iOS.

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Axis Football League Gameplay

Play Axis Football League Game

If you are checking out this game probably you love to play this unique sport named American football. From the moment you start playing this amazing game, you will see that you made the right choice. How can you know that? Well, firstly this game has an amazing full 3D graphics which brings one very unique experience. The sound effects are also remarkable and they are holding the viewer’s attention for sure. When you start playing this game, you can choose your favorite American Football Team and start playing season mode or some quick match. Every team has some special ability. Some teams are good in pushing, others not. Also, some teams are good in defence and others not. You will need to choose your team based on the number of stars he has in the abilities shown below the teams in grid view. Or you can play your favorite team no matter how much stars he got in certain abilities. Release the sport and gaming spirit in you and spend some time with this game. You will not regret for sure. The only thing I can say for sure is that you will never find a better browser simulation or game.

There are no words that can explain how unique by itself this game is. You can only feel that when you start playing this game. You will feel like you are involved in some real match where you will have to decide which tactic to use to bring your team the big win. You can choose to play from four different levels. Rookie, pro, all-star or hall of fame based on your gaming skills. We recommend you to start from rookie first and if you find it too easy you can always change the level before every match. The only thing that remains is you to sit on your comfortable chair and try to accomplish this task that is given to you with trust. Good luck and have fun while playing. We hope you will like it. Make sure you also check some of the coolest parkour flash games or the fun Cat Mario game.


  • Use the WASD or Arrow keys to move player.
  • Use the spacebar for some speed burst.
  • Use left mouse click for normal pass.
  • Use left mouse click + hold for bullet pass.
Selecting/Changing players:
  • One mouse click selects the player closest to the ball when you are in defence.
  • While you are in offence you will control the player with the ball always.
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